Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Mother's Day Means to Me...

Having a boy who gets up at 5 a.m. because he is so excited that it's Mother's Day he just can't sleep.another.minute.

Getting up a little while later, looking into the freezer for something to cook for breakfast and finding a pencil frozen in a sippy cup of water...and not even needing to ask why.

Counting SIX pairs of shoes in the living room and resisting the urge to bother cleaning them up as I step on cheerios scattered and crunching underneath my feet.  Go put on bedroom shoes chanting "embrace the mess, it won't last forever."

Getting sleepy hugs and "Happy Mother Days!" from my little one.

(Always) A treasure hunt to find my cards.

Reading my "musical" card while boys dance.  Briggs, a spastic Elaine-on-Seinfeld type dance and Max, a hilarious free-for-all.

Finding Briggs' change-filled wallet inside one of the envelopes with a note "take all you want" in it.

Going to church with my corsage on (just kidding- Is it just a deep south thing that you always get your mama a corsage to wear to church on Mother's Day? Maybe that has gone out of style.  Although I love all things old fashioned, I don't miss that one.  Makes me think of blue haired ladies with funny colored pantyhose.)

Getting to choose where we go to eat and honestly not having a thought in my head. 

Late afternoon asking husband if it is really a good idea to put dish washing soap on the slip-n-slide?  I guess I was the lone voice of reason on that one.

Realizing all of the sacrifices my mother made for us that almost always went unrecognized. 

Heart-overflowing thankfulness for the precious gift of being a mom.  Praying I don't squander these fleeting days because they do not last forever.


Wanting What I Have said...

What a sweet day and what a precious fewer attitude you have!!! It also encourages me to know you have currents on re floor, too- and six pairs of shoes! :)

The Hairstons said...

I love this!! Briggs and Max are very blessed to have such a wonderful mommy!!

Margie said...

Oh Leslie the time flies so fast until you wish you could say "STOP for a minute"!