Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Good Day of Fishing, Baseball, and Battle

I love taking pictures, of the boys, Leslie, flowers, and just stuff in general.  But, there are days like today that overflow the brim to the point that there is not enough time to capture it all on film (or what counts as film these days).  The day was to start with a family fishing day at the lake behind my office.  It's a very nice location, but only open for fishing a few days a year.  This was the first year that Max actually tried to fish on his own.  So first we had to buy him his very own Star Wars fishing pole that was about half as tall as he is and a dozen night crawlers to go along with it.  The pole he loved, the worms not so much.  Between buying a pole and getting it wet however, we stopped for a quick breakfast at our favorite donut shop...Daylight Donuts, yum.  Max has found that he loves a glazed chocolate cake donut and Briggs is a constant consumer of the glazed twist.  This is a treat that we take in once or twice a month. 

In fishing trips past, Briggs has always been bored with cork fishing so this year I let him use a lure.  He didn't catch anything, but he sure had a blast casting and reeling in from all around the lake.  We spent a couple of hours fishing.  Max did well for the first 30 minutes but soon grew tired of his new toy and instead found an awesomely cool fire sword (a free broken stick from the woods) to play with.  I caught one small mouth bass, but that was the extent of our fishing luck for the day.

That night Briggs had a baseball game.  At the time we were 0-6 in wins/losses.  Fortunate for us we were facing another 0-6 team, so someone was going to leave a winner finally.  Thanks to a great team effort the boys walked away with their first win of the season and Briggs came home with the game ball.  He finally got to move from the outfield to third base, where he played great, and he got a hit every time except once where the catcher caught a foul tip.  During all of this however, Max got into a little altercation with some hooligan five year old that was picking on a pair of three year old twin girls.  According to Leslie she glanced around to find Max doing his best kung-fu moves, a flurry of tiny punches followed by some blur of a spinning kick, in the direction of our young bully.  None of the glances landed, I'm not sure he knew they even needed to, supposing perhaps his opponent would be so overly impressed with his sheer mastery of martial arts skill that he would not dare to proceed any further and would most likely turn tail and run.  When Max finished his display however the other boy merely kicked Max (with contact), causing him to cry for a moment.  In Max's recollection however, it was an epic battle between good and evil.  When asked what happened he says he saw the other boy being mean and said to him "It's Time... to Battle." at which point he commenced with his best impression of what he imagines his lego Ninjago toys must do when he's asleep at night.  He doesn't remember any of that being kicked and crying nonsense, only that on this our Lord's day, good triumphed in the face of mortal danger, and damsels in distress were freed to return once more to their loving homes.  To leave the post on a graceful note, we did practice a possible response the next time a "battle" is brewing.  I think we convinced him that inviting the other kid to play and be friends was a better solution than doing air kung fu on him, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  Nevertheless, the boys had no problem going to sleep tonight.  Briggs I'm sure is dreaming sweet dreams of playing third and Max will most likely kick the covers across the room reliving his glory day of being a Ninja Knight in shining armor...


Wanting What I Have said...

The Engineer and I concur. That is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Richie said...

These kids are awesome! I saw Leslie and glanced by the kids in Walgreens the other day. I felt extremely rude because I wanted to stop and chat(play), but.....had strep! Didn't feel it was appropriate to share the wealth in that particular case. Hope you guys are doing well. Haven't really seen y'all in what seems like forever.