Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's been happening at warp speed around here.  Schooling, working, messes, science projects, playing, stomach viruses, coaching, field trips, singing, reading, nature walks, resting, memorizing, re-evaluating, learning, growing, forgiving, trying to embrace it all and be grateful.

making craters on Mercury

making a mess

Briggs made a thinking cap to help with his subtraction

field trip about Japan, Max thinks he sees a "Japanese turtle"

learning their names in Japanese

seizing the day


The Taylors said...

Maybe Briggs can make me a thinking cap to help with my sanity?!?!

Wanting What I Have said...

Um, can I just say ditto to this post?! Last week I was OVERWHELMED! Yes, seizing the day, and trying to be thankful for it all! :)