Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seven days to go....

Wednesday, when I picked Max up from school, he showed me a picture he had colored. I read the words on the picture to him: "Thank you God for my mouth." It was a picture of a child eating ice cream. Max quickly corrected me, "Mom, it doesn't say that. It says God likes ice cream!" Hmm. Maybe he does. I asked him for a strong hug and a kiss and after obliging, he said, "dad needs one of these too. He hasn't had one today." No, I guess he hasn't.

Max decided he wanted Yogurt Mountain for supper. When I told him that he could not have it for supper, he protested that we could because Yogurt Mountain lives in Birmingham. I think we've created a yogurt monster. He eventually settled for chicken and rice.

Briggs has been very loving and affectionate. He usually has one big boundary test when Rod goes out of town, but this time he has just been great! He is very excited that his Granny and Papa are coming to visit and can't wait for Papa to go to Career Day at school and show the kids all the things he paints.

I am officially ready for Rod to come home. This is the longest we have ever been away from each other. I can feel my resolve weakening. My prayer for the last two days has been,

Lord, help me to want your glory to be made known among the nations more than I want my husband home with me. Help me to be fully satisfied in you. You are superior to anything and anyone in this world.

In the Radical book, David says that when we pray for comfort, God does not give us comfort. He gives us the Comforter. He gives us Himself, His Spirit. So humbling. So perspective-altering.

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J said...

Oh Leslie,
I am praying for you! Hang in there. God will sustain you. He is made strong in our weakness. Love you!