Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

.....were just a blur. But I'll try to come up with some highlights.

After a spur of the moment trip to Target (without the usual and effective talk to Max about looking without buying), we left without buying anything, including a new container of got-to-have royal blue play dough. This launched us into a 30 minute crying fit featuring the phrase "but I want it" over and over until my eye began to twitch. His crying jag resulted in falling sound asleep in the car. Amazingly he woke up an hour later crying and repeating the same phrase. I have to hand it to him: he has perseverance. See, I am choosing to focus on his strengths like a good social worker and know he will need this later on in life.

Briggs had yet another baseball game and has found his sweet spot, so to speak, for batting. He shows marked improvement and I am really proud of him. Before the game, he apologized to his coach for the way he had acted. I called the parents of the little boy and set up for us to go to their house and apologize to him. It was such a relief; the mother was very kind and welcomed our efforts to restore the friendship.

Speaking of being a good social worker, I went to Career Day at Briggs' school to speak to his class about my job. Last year, Rod showed his mad engineering skills and lit up a light bulb with potatoes. I had no idea if I should even try to follow that, but Briggs wanted me to. Social worker is not an easy role to explain to first graders without quickly getting into trouble, so I decided to go with "happy helper." It went something like:

"Hi, boys and girls. I am a happy helper (just kidding, I said counselor, less questions that way). I help people with their problems."

That was about the extent of my job description.

I like experiential things so I made a game of cards with feelings and corresponding facial expressions on them. I had the kids sit in a circle, pick up a card and either act out the feeling or describe a situation in which they had felt that feeling before. Some of the feelings they drew were confident, embarrassed, enraged, bored, ashamed, and surprised. All of the kids participated and did such a great job! They really seemed to enjoy it and all wrote thank you notes for me. As I was patting myself on the back, Briggs informed me that a Fox 6 weatherman came after me to tell about his job, on TV. Well, who can compete with being on the 10 O'clock news every night? Seriously though, it was fun and Briggs was happy as a clam that I came. That's more than good enough for me.

After school, Briggs and I met with the family to apologize and then play together at the park. We talked about how good it felt to be forgiven. They played for over an hour and I think will be good friends after today.

It was a good day, and since it is almost tomorrow, I will now go to bed.

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