Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Homerun and the First Win

It was the day before Mother's Day. Two weeks left in the season. They had been down by as many as 10 runs. Most fans had quietly given up hope for a first win on that warm Saturday morning. He approached the plate with confidence, a runner on second and a runner on third. The first pitch was not the one he wanted, so he watched it go by. He swung at the next one and took a cut, but the ball went foul. The third pitch was the charm and he smacked it right down the first base line. It went past the first baseman's glove and by the time the ball was fielded, he was headed to third. As the opponent threw the ball to third to get him out, he turned and ran back to second base. But the ball was overthrown and he was again headed to third. This time he didn't slow down as he rounded third base headed for home. As the ball sped its way to home plate, he slid and was declared safe. Congratulations and high fives were in order.

And over the roar of the crowd, you could hear his mother screaming like a crazy woman.

Final Score: 21-17.

Her Mother's Day Gift: Priceless


J said...

I am ALLLLL SMILES!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go big guy!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day! I hope it is a wonderful day for you. I'm praying that God might make it extra special and tend to your every need, especially with Rod away.

The Hairstons said...

AWESOME AWESOME!!!! I know you are one proud mama! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
I'm so glad to find that you have a blog! :)

Kathy Posey said...

Awesome!!!!!! I almost started cheering! Yay!!!!!!!