Friday, April 30, 2010

Updates for Dad

While Rod is on a mission trip about 8,000 miles away for the next two weeks, I want to keep him connected to the boys and what is going on at home. I am (hopefully) going to try to blog everyday to keep him updated on our lives, so that although he is in a land far, far away, he can feel a little bit at home.

On Thursday, we took him to the airport early in the morning and then I dropped both boys off at school. I had planned a lot of errands and a stop by the office to keep my mind off of Rod's very long journey. Both boys had baseball Thursday night (at the same time). Since I couldn't be in two places at once, we went to Brigg's game and skipped Max's practice. Briggs' team has not won a game all season, so we were really hoping for a win to start off the second half of the season. The Marlins were down by two runs on Briggs' first at-bat and Briggs hit a good grounder to third (on his last pitch) for two RBI's that tied the game. His next at-bat took place in the third inning with the Marlins down by 4 with the bases loaded. A home run would have tied the game, but Briggs struck out. They will have another chance for that elusive first win on Saturday.
That night, during bedtime prayers, Max (spontaneously) prayed that God would give "Daddy a safe trip on that airplane." It was so sweet because his usual bedtime prayers are "help mommy, help daddy, help Briggs and Max. Amen"

Friday morning came early because Briggs had a field trip to the McWayne Center and I was going as a chaperone. Briggs has been looking forward to it for weeks and was so excited that I was going. I sat next to him on the bus and he put his arm in mine and told me how glad he was that I was there. This made me feel so good, because he is usually all about dad, all the time. Which is great, because I want my boys to have a close, strong relationship with their dad, but Briggs takes it to a whole new level. (He made a "leader board" at school one day ranking us all and needless to say, I came in last until I made him feel guilty and he moved me to second place:) Hey, around here, I'll take what I can get!

Honestly, I don't know if there is a boy in the world who loves his dad as much as Briggs loves Rod. In his eyes, his dad hung the moon, which is pretty much the way I feel too, so it's okay;) After nearly 16 years of marriage, we are more in love with each other than we have ever been. Our boys definitely have a dad who loves his wife and children and spends time with them. God has blessed us with an amazing spiritual leader that He continues to make into His likeness everyday. Okay, back to the update. I got a little sidetracked...............................

We had a great time on the field trip and Briggs even got on TV when a weatherman from Fox 6 did the forecast from the McWayne Center. Here is the video; Briggs is holding a green poster with a red heart on it:

Tonight as he was getting ready for bed, he told me what a great day he had with me and hugged me.

Max and I played with his play dough making bowling balls and pins, taking turns knocking them down, while Briggs was at baseball practice with Uncle Scott. Max wanted to have family worship as his bedtime routine, so he and I got in the bed and read from his Jesus Storybook Bible. Then he sang "Jesus Loves Me" and prayed for daddy again.

God has blessed us with such sweet boys and I hope that this little update will help keep us close to each other over the next two weeks of separation. I love you sweetie and I am so proud of you...................................

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