Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesus Fweak

This is Max's favorite song to sing in the car. Our DVD player has not been working, so we have been doing a lot of singing together while riding and Max calls this one the "rock and roll" song. Have a listen:

He's not angry, he just playing the drums with his fist. Surprisingly, the implications of the song are not totally lost on this three year old. Last week at the ballpark he was chatting with some moms and when he had their undivided attention, he informed them that Jesus is with us. One of the said, "Jesus loves us?" and he replied, "No, I said Jesus is with us." She was a little taken aback and I don't think quite understood what he meant because she just replied, "hm humm." But he didn't care if she labeled him a Jesus Freak:)

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