Sunday, August 16, 2009

The First Day of First Grade

It is official! We have a first grader!! Briggs started school on Thursday. He was very excited and did not even want me to walk him in. Of course, I did, but only on the first day. He does not have any of the same kids in his class from kindergarten, but he makes friends very easily, so it did not bother him. I got to eat lunch with him on Friday and he already had three or four friends to introduce me to. Car line took over an hour the first day, it was CRAZY! He could not remember a lot of specifics about his day, except that he did NOT have a good time in P.E. because "Coach Hackett talked, and talked, and talked, and talked." They did not get to run or play because she had to talk to the new students about the rules of the gym. He likes his teacher; "she is fun." I think it is going to be a great year.

Briggs also promoted from the preschool department to the children's department at church. This, by the way, is a big deal. The children's department is awesome! They have large group time with singing, a praise band, a praise team, and kids sharing their testimonies. Then they go to their small group for Bible study. Our church uses the Children Desiring God curriculum from John Piper. This year, the first grade is studying, "Faithful to all His Promises." They will also be memorizing Psalms 119:1-80. Yes, I said 1-80!!! I am beyond excited. They stress that parents' have the primary responsibility for training their children in the faith and they assist parents with doing this. They give you a daily Bible reading guide that is a repetition of what they learned the last Sunday. I can't wait to add this to what we have been doing! We have been reading Exodus in Brigg's Bible for early readers. He is loving it. In 2nd grade,they will be studying the "ABC's of God," based on the attributes of God. They will be memorizing the rest of Psalms 119, verses 80-176. And then in 3rd grade, "In the Beginning, Jesus. A Chronological Study of Redemptive History," WOW! Their goal is for children to make Christ Lord and Savior while in the children's department and have such an understanding that they do not grow up and doubt their salvation was real. Oh, this has been my prayer. I am BEYOND excited for the support, resources, and framework that they have given us to train our children in the Faith!

And not to leave out Max,

They are also doing the Children Desiring God for preschoolers and they even have memory verses!! Twelve for the year! They are learning about creation in August and will memorize, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." They teach them simple truths from the Word and make sure that all are God-centered, with God being the central character of every story. For example, not "Moses' mommy put him in a basket in the river to protect him," but rather, "God told Moses' mommy to put him in a basket in the river because God had a special plan for Moses' life." It's not all about the Bible characters, it's all about God. How cool is that? Have I mentioned how excited I am? Well, I am BEYOND excited!

What a huge responsibility and challenge it is to train your children in the faith. It's a good thing God isn't asking us to do it. He's asking for us to submit to Him, ask Him to do it, and be the vessel that He uses to do it through. What a relief! I can't wait to see what GOD does. I better get to praying!


Kathy Posey said...

That last pic is hilarious!

Trawick Family said...

I know...I'm SO excited too! Yesterday, we were outside and naming all of the things that God made. I really think that they'll "get" it!!
Those pics of Briggs on his 1st day almost made me cry! So sweet!

J said...

WOw! A first grader!!! Congratulations!

That curriculum sounds AWESOME!!! How absolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are just too cute - of course it make me miss them all the more.
Gran and Papa