Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Briggs' Gym

Leslie and I (sometimes) work out in the basement. Briggs however has recently seized ownership and now during daylight hours he's operating a daycare/gym where two year olds and ninjas are equally accepted to feel at home so long as they are willing to submit to the iron fist of the new management...Max is happy to abide and is quickly mastering the lessons of his teacher, as you can plainly see in the vid...already he is able to knock out nearly twice his age in pushups...


J said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I love seeing Max do the push guys should see our kids doing "push ups." Our exercise gear is in our bedroom and they pile in there and ride on the elliptical machine and do "push ups" which is really some weird sort of arm bend jiggle thing...Max (and I'm sure Briggs, too) could definitely teach them a thing or two. :)

Kathy Posey said...

That was hysterical! I texted Richie and told him he had to check it out!! Max does pushups better than me! I'm impressed. Maybe it is working out in a diaper that does it??? :)

Tonja said...

Hi Cude Family,
I just saw on FB that you have a blog. I think that is a wonderful thing, especially since you have small children. What a wonderful tool to document your boy's lives, and day to day routines. I wish blogs had been around when mine were younger...course I'm getting to be old as dirt. I don't think they even had the internet back then!:)

I have blogged for a while now and have made some wonderful friends. There are blogs of all kinds out there, but I have been priviledged to find a lot who have the values and beliefs that I do.

Your boys are always. They are really growing fast!

Nice talking to you...I'll check in with you again.

Tonja Owens

Rachel N. said...

I am cracking up right now!!! Raylee ran over to the computer to see what the AHH...AHHH...noice was.