Saturday, July 4, 2009

87 Unleaded

This past Wednesday I received a phone call at work that went something like this...(shaky voice)..."Briggs got sprayed with gas and I think he might have swallowed some gasoline! It got in his eyes, nose, and mouth! What do I do!?" Leslie wasn't as frantic as she could have been, she really did quite well I thought considering the circumstances. Briggs was helping to put gas in the car when he pulled out the nozzle while it was still running. The gas apparently got on his face and in his mouth. Thankfully Uncle Scott was there to get it away from him and reduce the amount that got on/in him. Leslie flushed his eyes with water in the gas station rest room and called 911. While all of this is going on, Briggs asked Leslie what was going to happen to him for swallowing the gas. To which Leslie (who apparently takes the "harmful if swallowed" signs very seriously) replied, you could DIE! Upon being notified of his potential untimely demise, Briggs cried out to her "Mom! Pray for me! Pray for me!" Which of course she did. Ultimately Briggs didn't get that much in his eyes and didn't ingest very much either. The paramedics came, checked him out, and told her that he would be fine. I had her take him to an optometrist for good measure and everything was fine there as well. All things considered, I'm actually very proud that through this event Briggs' first thought when in need was to pray to God. Accidents are going to happen, but I take comfort knowing that He is in control regardless of the outcome. Thank you God, Scott, and Leslie for taking care of Briggs in a time of need!


Kathy Posey said...

I'm so glad he is ok! I must say, while this situation is not at all funny, I can just imagine the look of terror on Brigg's face when Leslie said "you could die!" No pause, no consideration for a more gentle way to put it....I can see the scene and giggle thinking about how we mothers are so protective and because of that are rather frantic when anything happens to our baby.

J said...

How scary!!! I am so thankful he's ok! How precious that he cried out to his Heavenly Father in his time of need. What an awesome kid!!!

Rachel N. said...

Wow, I know accidents are bound to happen but who would have thought...gasoline in the face while pumping gas??? Bless you dear Leslie!