Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Apparently Max inherited from his mother an uncanny knack or desire to pull the "fuzzies" as we call them out of anything that he can. His target of choice has been his bedding from his crib. It seems like it started about 6 months ago or so but he's got it down to an unconscious science now. I didn't even know such a thing was possible but I'm told mom used to do the same thing so it must be some innate training lodged within his genetic code somewhere. Les has to vacuum up all over the place every few days to keep the place from looking like a lint storm has blown through. Sometimes he "feeds" them to the cookie monster that resides in his crib. Leslie also vacuums out the car every so often so that I don't have to see what a mess he's made with them. I don't mind though, he can't have more than a few months supply left :-).

Max is doing great these days for the most part. He "read" or at least recited a book from memory for the first time the other night. There's a Backyardigans book with only a couple of words per page, like "Hi I'm Pablo" or "I see a wave" and he went through pretty much the whole thing all on his own. I was very surprised since it wasn't one of the books that we've been reading much of lately. He's really enjoying Briggs being home so much now and they have their brotherly things to work out, but I am really proud of both of them.

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