Monday, April 27, 2009

Enjoy the pictures 'Cause I Got a Little Carried Away With the Words

Everyone in their Easter clothes!

Max in his last year of lace! (yea, right)

Briggs in big boy clothes

Hunting Easter Eggs!

Spring has been so busy, I don't know which end is up! We had a great Easter, with the boys getting to hunt eggs THREE times! They really enjoyed it and the best part of this Easter was that Briggs learned the Easter story so well that he could retell it! The night before Easter, we all (me, Briggs, Max, Hudson, Eli, Brooke, and Mom) made Easter story cookies that told the boys the story of Easter. They all were very attentive and really got into it. The next week at school, Briggs' teacher commented to me that it had really made an impression on him, as he had told her about it at school.

With at least one baseball practice a week and two games a week, plus working about two nights a week, I hardly have time to do everything else, i.e. cleaning, laundry, errands, oh, and spending time with God and the kids......why does it seem that the most important things are the first to go when you get so busy. My heart aches when I think about how time seems to be slipping away from me, time that I can never get back. I hate being gone from my family and coming home with the kids already asleep. Rod is truly the best daddy anyone could ever hope for, and he has never complained, not once, about me being gone. And the boys are fed, bathed, and read to every night, perfectly. I somehow need to learn to balance all of this a little better and probably not expect everything to be perfect all the time. Oh, and in less then a month, I am going on a mission trip that seemed great at the time, but now seems like just more time away from my family. I know that God has a purpose for me going on this trip, and I am praying now that I will get it!! Maybe it is to help me be more present with my boys when I am with them and live in the moment instead of thinking of all of the things I have to do. Maybe it's to show me all of the things I can do without (I was told it is best to only bring 2 pair of pants and just switch them out every day!!???What?!!!!) I know it's to share the love of Christ with people who may have never heard the good news that
the gracious Creator of the universe looked down
upon hopelessly sinful people and sent His son
Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, to bear His wrath
against sin on the cross, and to show His power
over sin in the resurrection, so that everyone
who puts their faith in Him will be reconciled
to God forever.

WOW! That is good news and God is showing me that His plan from the beginning has been to spread this good news through us, His disciples. It's not optional, it's not just a "should," it is how He has purposed our lives,..... 2Corinthians 5:17-21- says God is making his appeal to the world through us, how can that happen if we don't go to the world? So beyond a shadow of a doubt I know that I am to be making disciples of my own children, the people around me, and of the world. AND, Christ has promised me HIS power to do it! What am I so worried about? I know He will take care of the Cude boys while I am gone and even though we will miss each other, I want my boys to see their mother on the mission field serving Christ. Oh that that would be an example they would follow. I pray that they will be radically obedient to Christ and that He becomes the absolute love of their life.

Ok, I feel better now!! Here are some crazy moments from life at the Cude house:

Max is talking up a storm!!!! It is hilarious!!! One day he began arguing with Briggs in the back seat, except Briggs was at school. He was saying, "no Briggs, it's mine, it's not yours." Over and over.
Also in an effort to listen and obey, he reminded Briggs to do the same by saying, "it's yes ma'am Briggs, you understand?" I wonder where he has heard that before?

A couple of weeks ago I took Max to the doctor for a sinus infection. Normally I am just hoping to make it out alive. I have no shame left with the doctor. She has to think I am the worst mother. Once she came in and Max was in the corner (of the tiny room) in time out. We couldn't even get through waiting for the doctor without needing time out. He usually is screaming by the time we leave. And I am always humbled and mortified.
Well, not this time.

The nurse came to the door and before she could say anything Max asked her, "Is it my turn?" He got on the scales, got a sticker as we went by and jumped up on the table. He sat still while she did her thing and then laid on his tummy with his chin in his hands and asked her what she was writing. She was taken aback and I told her that this was not the real Max Cude, but rather a stranger I picked up beside the road. Even the doctor was shocked at how well he behaved.
But, not to be taken for granted, the next day I had to take him with me to the Children's Home Office. He was awful!!! Long story short, he threw a pillow at my supervisor!! He refused all the candy she tried to give him and I just knew was going to break everything in her office. It's a good thing she works with children and loves them, or I might not have a job to complain about!!
Here's something you don't hear everyday:
Rod says, "the Joker is in the wipes warmer, let's not forget to get him out so he doesn't melt and burn the house down."

Max has been answering total strangers who make comments to him with "Yes, I know." Such as "Aren't you cute!" Yes, I know. "I like your blue shirt." Yes, I know. "You are such a smart little boy" well, know.

I broke down and hired someone to clean the house because I had gotten so behind. It was getting bad, so bad that the night before she came, during his prayers, Briggs prayed for her to do a good job cleaning our house!

Briggs got his yearbook at school and he is so funny, looking through it over and over, just like I used to do! Except I never got a yearbook in Kindergarten!

When I picked him up from school today, he informed me that "Pluto is not a planet anymore because scientists believe that it is a moon." hmmm....A little too smart for his mother.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Max Counting

I had been waiting for a chance to make a video of Max "reading"/counting before making this post. He's been able to count to about 12 or so for a few months now. At night some of his more favorite books have counting in them. Props to Uncle Scott for bringing his camera for me to use the mpeg feature on. We're working a lot on colors now with Max, I'm very pleased that he seems to enjoy reading books or at least having them read to him as much as Briggs did. His favorites right now are the counting books already mentioned, a couple of books with a wombat in them, and any of the books with push buttons that make sounds or music.

Other than that we're pretty much just staying busy with baseball and normal stuff. We're mid-way through the regular season, we won a big game today 24 to 21. Briggs went 4 for 4 with 4 runs scored i think. I coach third base and unfortunately this bothers Max immensely and of course ends up stressing Leslie. Up until the last inning, everytime I went on the field Max would start crying big time and Les would have to take him to the car to not be a big distraction. Finally though by the last inning (5) he had gotten to where would just wait until it was over, maybe we're making progress. Briggs is having a lot of fun and Max wants to be on the field so bad he can't stand it, I guess either this fall or next spring we'll have two playing ball, I'm honestly looking forward to it.