Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tonight started like any other night, come home, boys excited to see me, kiss from Les, something baking in the oven, good ole boring life, man I love it. Anyway, Leslie had made brownies and Briggs asked if he could have one, I told him no b/c we I was making dinner soon and he needed to wait until after we ate. He reluctantly accepted that and went off to do something else. Being somewhat soft-hearted (not very on some things I admit), I broke off a piece and went to find him. When he saw what I had he got a disappointed look on his face and started crying (a very rare occasion) b/c he said he wanted a particular one instead of the piece that I brought him. The dad in me took over and I saw immediately that we needed a little lesson in being thankful. So to timeout he goes. After a few minutes I go get him and we have a good long talk about being ungrateful and what it means to be thankful, really thankful. Even trying to put aside parental pride, I think Briggs is one of the most polite kids I know, but tonight was neat because you could tell after we talked about it a few times, he really got the idea of being thankful for something. After dinner he offered me and Max his last bit of brownie and even offered me his last sip of milk. When he gave me his brownie he told me how much he loved me, hugged me, told me how thankful he was for everything, and was crying when he said it (this is like an hour after our talk), what a strange mix of love, pride, and gratefulness to God. Tonight started like any other night, but it was probably the first night that I can think of where he really started to get one of the big concepts in life that I hope with God's help my boys grow up to truly understand.

Other stories...most every night I read Briggs a verse or so out of the Bible, usually Proverbs (Leslie's idea) since they're pretty simple and easy to explain, the 3-2-1 Penguins are quite fond of Proverbs as well. Anyway, Briggs apparently learned from church the sign language for Bible and now whenever I forget, instead of telling me I forgot he "signs" it to me. It's weird being taught sign language by your kid, good, but weird. Oh, and Briggs lost his second tooth at school last week, finally.

Max I think if finally working through some of his tougher two year old stuff. His number of super sweet days is going up in proportion to his super ill days. Today Leslie said after he got up from his nap he kept saying "kiss you there" and gave her like 40 kisses all over. He and Briggs are finally at a point where they can play really well together and yet get on each other's nerves real easily too. They're both building lego space ships and showing them off, wrestling with each other, building pillow ships together, just about everything together. And as for me and him, I can't imagine it being much better, he obeys me (Les not so much) so well, let's me do anything that no one else can do, like wash his hair without a fuss, clip his fingernails, little stuff. He has his moments here and there for sure, but mostly he's a wonderful little boy. With Briggs in baseball (another post), it's become more and more evident how much Max is going to want to play EVERYTHING. It seems that there are kids that just for some reason are attracted to sports and anything to do with a ball, Briggs enjoys them but I think likes the social aspect as much as anything, Max however just naturally loves them. It won't be long and he'll have his time, part of me can't wait and part of me dreads the added hustle and bustle, it'll be worth it though I'm sure. I can't believe how fast he's growing up too, sigh.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Life with Boys

I generally feel outnumbered around here, with all of the testostertone and standing up to go to the bathroom, but never as much as now, since baseball season has started. I'll let Rod blog about the details of the first game, but I'll update the overall picture. This year because Briggs is at the grand ole age of 6 and he is in coach pitch baseball, practices and games are very SERIOUS. Seriously, they are serious. They have umpires who stop the game if someone forgets their hat. Three strikes and you're out, better luck next time. I guess I was not ready for this, but then again, will I ever fit in at the ballpark? I don't think I even have anything appropriate to wear, which reminds me that I am the mother of boys and better find a way to get with the program.

I have been saving up some of the things that the boys have said recently and I wanted to share:

One night as Rod was about to get Max to bed and he was supposed to be telling me goodnight, he said, "Mama you're not pretty." Rod tried to get him to take it back, but he wouldn't.

One afternoon as Briggs and Max were playing together Briggs said, "Max, here is your weapon (a flashlight). Remember to use it for good and not evil." Good advice.

A sweet little girl sitting next to us at a restaurant was told,"no, I mean it" several times by Max, just because she was there, I suppose.

There is a little dog that lives down the street who visits us every once in a while. Rod and the boys named him Sweet Boy, since we don't know his real name. He is a very sweet dog and gets fed cookies, Lunchables, chocolate, or whatever else they can find, when he comes to visit. One day the doorbell rang unexpectantly and from upstairs Briggs yelled, "Is it Sweetboy?" I guess he thought dogs can ring doorbells. It was just UPS.

Max has started pointing and says, "Mama, croc-e-dile right there." He thinks it is so funny, loves it when I act scared and try to get away. The funny thing is, when I say it, he really is scared and comes and jumps in my lap terrified that a croc-e-dile is going to get him.

I got my haircut a few days ago and the other morning Max asked, "get you haricut mom?" I said yes and he replied,"I wike you haircut." He can be so sweet.

When Briggs and Max fight, we try to get them to say they are sorry to each other. Briggs always says it and Max does too, or so we thought. Rod noticed that afterward he was going up to Briggs and wispering "I not sorry Briggs." What are we going to do with him?

Briggs is forever building spaceships out of Star Wars Legos and asking us, "How do you like my new ship, it's the P39-400." Well, Max has also started building his own little ships and asking me, "how you wike my ship?" He's so proud that he can do it too.

And lastly, Max has started wanting to say the blessing at dinner, which goes something like this:

Hep Mama
Hep Daddy
Hep Briggs

The view from my shower. I am not sure if they are using
thier weapons for good or for evil....

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Face of Global Warming

We've only been in Birmingham now for less than two full years and in both winters we've been blessed with a good snow day, that's saying a lot for Alabama. Briggs was ecstatic, like it was Christmas morning. Max was pretty gung ho on going outside at first, but a few seconds of cold snow blasting him in the face quickly sent him back inside. I eventually coaxed him back outside and after he quit thinking about it he had a few minutes of fun throwing snow balls that Briggs and I made for him and smashing the miniature snowmen we made. Briggs stayed out as long as he could stand being cold and wet. I was able to conjure up a makeshift sled for him out of a piece of sheet metal. He went a few times on the neighbors yard across the street that has a pretty good slope to it. A few hours later as the snow was melting he realized he was missing his chance to sled some more and begged to do it a few more times. I had to drive to another neighborhood to find enough snow and was able to find a slope about 50 yards long and very very steep. We got in about 10 good rides before he was soaked to the bone and wore out. They both enjoyed jumping on the snow trampoline. Afterwards Briggs asked me where does it snow all the time so that we could move there, after I informed him we'd have to move to the North or South pole and he considered it for a moment, he was very disappointed. At least we got in a few hours of snowy fun.

It was a crazy weekend. There was a small and quick tornado in Chelsea on Friday that tore up a gas station sign but left everything intact around it, fortunately Briggs was on a field trip and the tornado didn't get close to the school. On Saturday we had basketball in the morning, a ton of rain all day and then baseball practice that night. I thought for sure we'd be rained out but apparently the batting cages are covered and that's enough to get in some good fielding and batting practice (in the freezing cold rain..). Sunday morning it started snowing and it lasted well into the afternoon. Monday was baseball practice at 5 pm and in 35 degree weather followed by the basketball tournament. We lost in the first round, it was a fun season though. I hope Tuesday is a much slower paced day...