Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Greatest Popcorn on Earth

A few weeks ago the circus was in town. We went with Jody and Elizabeth and their boys. Everyone had a good time, mostly. There was a scary clown throughout most of the show that neither Briggs, Max, or myself cared for. Everytime he came out Briggs wanted to leave and I wanted to permanently remove him from the show. Briggs got a pretty cool sword that I'll need to take a second mortgage on the house to pay for and Max found his dream come true, the biggest bucket of popcorn on earth. Which I'm pretty sure he ate nearly all of by himself. That boy loves him some popcorn. It was a good time but we'll need to get tickets earlier to get better seats next year, if you're higher than the trapeze connections in the rafters, you're too high for me. The lions and elephants were pretty cool but Mr. Gravity the evil clown can stay home next time, ugh, clowns...

February 2009

Wow where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas. Just a few random updates.

Max has taken to sleeping with Woody during nap and night time. Our routine is to read two stories of his choosing, pretend that he's falling off the foot stool and I have to catch him, put him in his bed, give him a kiss, give Woody a kiss, and then also kiss each critter in the bed with him, as of now that would be Tigger, Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQuenn, and a stuffed tiger. He's been going to sleep great for me but for some reason gives Leslie a pretty hard time of it.

He's also counting to 13 or 14 pretty regularly now. Most recently he wants to use this skill to play hide and seek: he'll count to whatever number he finds appropriate, I remind him to close his eyes, he peeks through his hands, counts to a different number, and then comes to find us (usually me and Briggs), good times.

Briggs is almost finished with basketball season. They've had a winning season and I think have a tournament next week. It's the time of year where the sports are overlapping. We'll have a basketball game this Saturday and then baseball practice Saturday night. Then next week will be a mix of more baseball practices and the basketball tournament somewhere in between. He's doing really well in school with everything they ask of him. They don't quite do as much math as I'd like so we've been doing math sheets off an on for "fun" at night. I really think kids as a whole have gotten a lot smarter than when I was a kid that age, either that or I was really really stupid as a kid, probably a mix of both :-). We put the roof for his club house on this past weekend, we had left it off so that we could see up and out more easily but he decided he wanted it on. The boys both had fun as always just being outside and helping me here and there. I think we're all ready for spring when we can run around without our jackets on. That's about it for now I guess, just life as normal, sure can't complain about that.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Some thoughts for Valentine's Day....

I have had to wear my glasses this week (which I hate) due to very irritated eyes. I decided to wear a little red lipstick (which I never do) to compensate. When I picked Briggs up from school yesterday the following conversation ensued:

"Mom you look different."
"Is it the glasses or the red lips?"

"The red lips I think."

"Do you like the red lipstick?"

"Well, ..... it's really red."

"Yes, but do you like it?"

"Mom, I like it however you put it."

Smart boy, he learns fast.

We made heart shaped sugar cookies decorated with icing to attach to the valentine's for Briggs' class. I got a little reckless while decorating and decided to pipe " I love you" on one and asked him who he wanted to give it to. To my surprise, he said the name of a little girl whose birthday party we went to last Saturday. After giving out the valentines yesterday, he said, "Mom I told Alex what you put on her cookie." I asked, "What did she say?"

"Nothing." Girls can be cruel.

We made his teacher a valentine box and put a handmade card inside (see picture, on the right side.) Both were for his teacher, but when he got in the car he announced that he brought the box back. I told him that he was supposed to give it to his teacher to which he replied, "but Mom, I thought just the card inside was for her. I wanted to keep the box you made."

I guess we'll send that back to school next week, but it does make me feel good that he likes the crafts I make, however girley they may be.

For Max's part, he is trying to sing "I can't fight this feeling anymore." (REO SPEEDWAGON?)
(from Horton Hears a Who)

And the best part of Valentine's Day..........................................................................................................
Rod and I have a babysitter!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Basketball and General Update

This is Briggs' first basketball season. I considered trying to get him in last year but am glad I didn't in retrospect, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to get the ball to the goal and so he would have just been playing ball and no basket... Anyway, he's doing really well, he's not like the best on the team but he's certainly not the worst either. I was a little surprised (in a good way) that they run full court. I am SO thankful that we've gotten out of the soccer world of "let's pretend no one knows what the score is and we're all WINNERS!". In basketball we're keeping score every game. We're about mid-season, we've won 3, lost 2, and one of the wins was an actually fairly exciting overtime event. Briggs has scored in every game, which is significant considering some of the games I've seen ended up like 12-7 or some other low scoring affair. He dribbles decently with either hand, shoots well when not in traffic, and has just started being aggressive on the floor. After the first game I had to really work with him on it being okay to take the ball from the other team and how to get after it. He's getting better in that regard and after that first game of being a bit more into it he admitted to me that he was a little scared before our talk to try to take the ball from someone. Anyway, he's having a lot of fun, I enjoy the quality time, Leslie even admitted to being excited in the overtime game, and even Max gets in on the cheering on for big brother (Sig as he calls him), after he's had his big bag of popcorn anyway. Next it's on to 3 days a week of baseball...

Speaking of Max, his vocabulary is just growing and growing, everything is "what's this?", for some reason he struggles with Briggs' name and so as I noted above he calls him "Sig", he can count to 11 consistently, and knows all the animals and sounds of all the animals in nearly every book we read him. I'll greatly miss this age of babbling. Most days when I get home a toy is immediately thrust into my hand that I'm supposed to be playing pretend with. Max will have Lightning McQueen and he'll give me Chick, he'll have a Wonder Pet and I'm supposed to be one of the others, etc... After we get through with the cordial introductions "Hi Lightning"..."Hi Chick"'s pretty much babble city with a few coherent words thrown in for me to comment on. Today I'll bet he rambled for 2 minutes solid and Les and I neither one had a clue what he was saying but we sure did have fun. Other things about him right now...hmmm...somehow he inherited Leslie's desire to pull the fuzz off of things, namely the pillows of his crib bedding. He's pretty much gotten all of the fuzz off of them and Les has had to vacuum all around his bed. Every once in a while if he's walking around with a pillow, he'll just hand you a piece of fuzz and as plain as day say "here ya go..." as though you had been waiting for it all day long. He's been eating a bit better, mostly a decent breakfast and dinner. Sleep is kind of hit or miss, he's certainly not just laying down and crashing anymore but it's okay, I enjoy the snuggle time, it'll be gone before I know it I'm sure.

This time of year we're struggling with being cooped up and every other few days being able to go outside to hit balls, jump, whatever. I can't wait until next year when he'll be old enough to play a few things, he's gonna have a blast, I'm pretty sure we won't be having to have talks with him about being aggressive. Tonight for example he and Briggs were playing some game they made up where Max would throw a ball at Briggs and Briggs would try to hit it with his plastic pirate sword. Well Briggs thought it would be a good idea to give Max the sword...until as Briggs was running away from Max I caught hold of Briggs jokingly and Max ran up and hit him probably as hard as I've seen him hit anything square on top of the head (Les threw the book of blame straight at me of course) and Briggs let loose with a few tears which set Max into his "sorwy, sorwy, sorwy..." spill over and over. He at least is very compassionate after he's hurt someone, intentionally or not...good times!