Friday, December 5, 2008

Tooth Fairy Sue

Well in just 4 short days Briggs lost his first tooth. I wasn't there when the big pull happened but word on the street is that aunt Sue was fiddling with it and said something along the lines of "if I had a paper towel I could rip that right on out". I think she gave it a pretty good tug and even though that wasn't the last straw it must have done a lot of work because not 10 minutes later on the way back home, out came the tooth. Briggs was SOOOO excited. The tooth fairy paid him a visit and now I guess we're just sitting back waiting for the rest of them to come on out, I'm not sure if we'll be telling Sue they're loose or not... ;-)

Max is doing fine and dandy, everything is "what's this?" "what's this?". His vocabulary is growing so quickly. He's going through a hitting phase, especially hitting Briggs, and we've had to give Briggs the authority to send Max to time out. Briggs just doesn't want to hit Max back to make him stop, which I'm kind of glad of. Other than that though they're still getting along pretty good.

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