Monday, November 3, 2008

You've Got to Earn a Spot on the Bench

Samantha, Morgan, Camryn, Patrick, Brent, "Coach", Briggs (he wasn't mad, I don't know what that face is about?) = Team Dragons

Well, another soccer season has come and gone. I really do enjoy it, somewhat, it's not my favorite, but it's always fun to see the kids enjoy themselves and learn new skills. For the most part I'm just thankful to God that I'm in a job where I have the time to coach or help out at his school and stuff.

Briggs was pretty young for this age group but a little too old for the one below, but he did great, mostly. He and the other youngest kid had a hard time maintaining focus for a whole game and so I let them ride the bench almost as much as they wanted, but encouraged them to get out and help their team. Leslie reminded me of my least favorite but most infamous moment, the one as it turns out we actually have pictures of.

One game in particular Briggs was being especially ummm nonchalant and I yanked him (not literally) from the game. When he got over there I was pretty hard on him about how he had to help his team and not just mess around out there. In my coach voice (which isn't very nice) I told him that he was going to sit on the bench until he was ready to get out there and get after it, and if he didn't get out there and try his best then he was going to sit on the ground and have to earn a spot on the bench. I'm sort of sad to say that that sent him over the edge and he went to the other end of the bench by himself and broke into his Hulk crying. Which is him really trying very hard not to cry and turning that emotion into anger. In the pictures you can see where I consoled him after that and we hugged it out. This took place around our third game of the season, out of about ten. I can honestly say that we didn't have many problems with him not trying during the rest of that game or the rest of the season for that matter. And thankfully I didn't have to give him or anyone else on the team my "you're going to have to earn a spot on the bench" speech.

It was a fun season, I think we'll be hitting the big three sports for Briggs here on out but I'm sure I'll be starting Max off in soccer and it's looking like tee ball as well already. That boy loves to hit him some balls. I bought a real rubber tee for him to hit off of at the house and he's all about it. So far he's into ball stuff as much or more than Briggs has ever been, and man what an arm. Thankfully Les has learned to be into all this boy stuff and we're all able to have a good time year around. Next up, basketball...

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