Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What are you Thankful for?

This past Sunday at our church, Briggs' class made a little craft in which they were instructed to put on it something that they were thankful for. Briggs decided he wanted to show Max that he was thankful for him. Les and I thought that was pretty sweet. They get along and fuss with each other as I'm guessing most brothers do, but it was encouraging to see Briggs express himself that way though. Since Max is still a bit too young to understand or appreciate it, I figured we better capture it in blog space and tell him about it when he's older.

This is probably a good time for a general update. Lets see, Briggs is finished with soccer and starts basketball after Thanksgiving, he seems to be looking forward to it in part because some of his school and soccer friends are also playing. He's all about not losing cards in school right now and prays for the kids that do lose them (discipline stuff) so that they will be better and not lose any. Speaking of praying, he had been praying for seriously like two months solid for his friend Taylor from church. Well really for the baby brother that Taylor was having, he hardly missed a night where he wouldn't pray that the baby would be okay and that it would be sweet and that they would think of a good name for it or something to that effect. Just by accident we ran into Taylor (Les and I had never met him or his parents) at church a couple of weeks ago and the mom had had the baby. We told her the story of Briggs praying for it and she got weepy eyed at how sweet that was. Briggs was really excited to see it and we of course encouraged him on how important prayer is. Pretty cool.

Max is also doing good, well, as good or better than I expect most two year olds would be doing. He gives Leslie a pretty hard time but is pretty well behaved when I'm around, much to her chagrin. He's become a pretty picky eater, it's hard to tell what he will or won't eat, we don't really worry about it though (at least I don't) and he seems to eat when he gets hungry enough. Most recently he's all about some corn on the cob, not off the cob mind you, specifically on the cob or else he's not eating it. And he knocked down a pancake pretty well tonight. His vocabulary is constantly growing and it has that cute two year old mix to it that only Leslie and I seem to be able to translate. He's still all about anything with a ball, throwing, hitting, etc. I bought him a tee-ball tee for him to hit off of, I'll bet he'd spend a solid hour outside just hitting a ball, picking it up and re-hitting it. I took Max to play 9 holes of golf about a month back, that was his first time on the "big" course, he had been out on a par 3 course before. Briggs was in school that day and so it was just Max and I. He teed off on almost every hole and putted almost every hole as well, he missed a nap and I thought he'd be pretty fussy but he did great and as long as we were chasing that little white ball around he was having a blast. They both enjoy golf and I just want to keep it fun, not anymore competitive than they care to be, I'm looking forward to playing many years with the both of them. They've both gotten to where they like to go sleep on my chest while sitting in my recliner on occasion. Last night was pretty tough trying to get both of them to sleep at the same time doing that, but it was fun and I guess I won't be able to do that much longer, at least not without buying a bigger recliner :-).

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