Monday, November 10, 2008

Recognitions, Mysteries and Pin the face on the Jack-o-lantern

It's time for an update on Briggs' school. A few weeks ago he became the "Mystery Student of the Week." Each week a student is chosen from each class based on who has displayed the character trait of the week. Briggs was chosen for showing determination. He was so excited and his certificate with his picture is displayed in the hallway at school. He has also received several "recognitions" for good handwriting, independent reading, and good behavior. A couple of weeks ago I (mom) ate lunch with him at school. He had told everyone that I was coming and had saved a seat for me. I felt like a celebrity! He was so excited to eat with me, especially getting to have extra chicken nuggets off of my tray. I tried to savor every minute because I know the day will come when he will not want to be seen with me at school. His class had a Halloween party and I went to help with the activities. The kids had a great time making trick or treat bags, eating and playing pin the face on the jack-o-lantern.

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Anonymous said...

The Lord continues to bless me even unto the 2n generation. How great is His Love and Blessings.