Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Swimming 2008

The boys have had a few chances to go back to Dothan this summer and with that, to spend some time in the pool at their "Granny and Papas" house and at the Crossroads. Every once in a while they go to the Y in Birmingham but they get a lot more time in when they're in Dothan. Briggs hasn't had lessons yet but is getting around pretty well with his floaties (sp?) on. And Max surprised me with how much he can get around by himself as well, when he has his little life jacket on he doesn't hardly want anyone touching him. It's like watching a little baby duck furiously kicking their feet under the water :-).

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Momma Magan said...

WOW, I am impressed by Max! I need to get one of those things for Davis. It holds him up so well. Both of my boys spend most of their time in their boats kicking around.