Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Son the Heretic

All of this week Briggs is going to something our church calls Backyard Bible Club, the idea is to take Vacation Bible School out to the surrounding neighborhoods. They do the normal stuff, a Bible study, crafts, play time, etc. The house they're at has a pretty cool zip line set up in the back yard that seems to be the fan favorite. Anyway, after today's get together I asked Briggs what they learned today. His answer was "that God gives our sins". I was driving so I had to make him repeat that one and he said again that "God gives our sins". I was kind of puzzled and it took me a few minutes, but I finally realized that he was trying to say that God "FORGIVES" our sins, BIG difference. So anyway that led us into a good theological discussion, as good as a five year old and his dad can get anyway. It's very convicting that he's entering an age where it's on me to teach him the Bible. We spoke of Nicodemus in John 3, an example of Jesus teaching that just being a good person is worthless from an eternal perspective. I don't expect him to understand being born again anymore than Nicodemus did, yet, but I look forward to the many wonderful moments like this that are to come. It's neat and little scary seeing that he kind of gets it though and that he's starting to understand sin, forgiveness, faith, real love, man he's growing so quick!

On a side note, as we do frequently, we went to Spain park (or "two park" as we call it for the two different playsets) for some fun and photo ops. Briggs in about the past month or so has started being able to do the monkey bars by himself, he's pretty proud of that and I am too. It won't be long before Max is able to do everything at the park that Briggs does, it certainly isn't for lack of trying. It's great seeing how well they get along, about 95% of the time anyway...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Words, Pouting, and a New Haircut

This week we (Leslie and the kids) have been in Dothan while Rod has been on a business trip. We have had fun staying up late, eating desserts, and going barefoot for days. Max has been adding new words to his ever growing repertoire, such as shark. R2 (as in D2), frog, I don't know, and here you go. He has also done a fair share of pouting when he gets in trouble or does not get what he wants (see above picture). He pooches out his bottom lip, lowers his head and closes his eyes. It is nearly impossible for me not to laugh.
Briggs got a new short haircut today! It is a big change from the shaggy look he has had, but it looks great. Briggs has been having a great time this week swimming, playing with his cousins, blowing up balloons and letting them go on Granny and Papa's roof, and playing Battleship with mommy and Granny. There is a reason the game is for ages 7 and up, as Briggs was trying to call out numbers to sink his own battleships. After Granny started playing on his side, he got better, a little.
One last (sweet) thing. This morning Briggs and Max were fighting over a chair with kicking, pushing, etc. when all of a sudden, Max bent over and hugged Briggs' waist. Afterward, they sat side by side and shared the chair. How awesome to see them working things out and sharing without intervention on my part.
Well, we miss daddy and can't wait to see him in one week, one day and 3 hours, 24 minutes. Approximately.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Mother's Thoughts

Ok, here goes...

Rod has been asking me to write something for quite some time now. He has mused that he is the only husband that he knows of that blogs. I love that I have a very sentimental husband (don't let his tough exterior fool you) and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his blogs about us. Truth is, I didn't even know what a blog was until he showed me a friend's blog and announced he was going to create one. I guess I am still a little in the dark ages with all these blackberries and I-phones, I-pods and I-hardly know what any of it is. I have just started checking my email regularly in the last few months. Also, Rod is a much better writer than I and I haven't known what to say until now.

While Max was standing in the kitchen tonight whining about eating a cookie rather than dinner, it hit me. Our blog needed a mother's perspective on all of the things we love about our children. After all, that is what our life, I mean blog is mostly about and until now no one knows what I think about them. So, let me see....


Briggs really loves to have a good time. He is so kindhearted and he loves his daddy more than anyone in the world. He also loves me and his "little bro" a lot, but he and his dad have a very special bond. They love to go out after dark and do missions in the front yard. No, this is not evangelism role playing, they are fighting aliens (or other bad guys) with their light sabers. He and his dad also share a love of homemade chocolate chip cookies, but I get the privilege of him helping me make them. Since we usually don't get out the recipe card, he even reminds me when I forget the egg. He knows all of the ingredients and helps me stir everything and drop spoonfuls on the baking sheet. As soon as they are gone he asks, "mom can we bake some more chocolate chip cookies today?"

Briggs loves spaghetti-os and must eat them with a golden spoon. In fact, he insists on eating all his meals with the gold utensils. He is some kind of superhero everyday, in full costume almost all the time when we are home and sometimes when we go out. I had to draw the line with church. He loves ironman, spiderman, transformers, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, I am sure I am forgetting something. One day we were outside and I was princess Leah and he was Luke using the force to bring his ship up out of the quick sand. It was hilarious. You might think that it was my first time being Princess Leah, but you would be wrong. My cousin Jody and I used to play the very same thing at Granny Margaret's house when we were little. Time doesn't change everything.

Briggs never forgets anything, I mean anything. He can for some reason memorize commercials with amazing accuracy and bring them to mind right when you could use whatever they are selling. Such as while I am watering my plants he suggests the Abla Glove as he calls it (or Aqua Globe) so I will never have to worry about my plants dying or a mess on my floor again. Or if I run out of closet space, the Space bags storage packs "work with any hose of a vacuum and will keep clothes as fresh as the day you put them in." He also likes to memorize Bible verses and ask me theological questions about God, reminds me of the R&B bit.

The best thing about Briggs is how he, from the day he was born, loves to snuggle. He used to fall asleep on his dad's chest every night and five and a half years later still wants to snuggle with someone every night to go to sleep. Usually when I am snuggling him, he asks if he can hold my hand. My sweet little boy will start to kindergarten in a few weeks and I am completely brokenhearted. When I think about how much I love him, my heart literally feels like it is going to explode.

And then there's Max...

Boy, how he has shaken things up around here! Max lights up a room with his beautiful smile. He loves cookies. About those cookies, yes I let him eat two tonight, instead of supper. He loves cookies so much I have to hide them or that is all he would eat. Not that there is a lot of anything he eats right now, he ate Cheetos for lunch at a birthday party today. First time moms will cringe, but those with picky eaters will understand, I hope.

Max has to have his security blanket, or rather bumper pad, wherever we go. He loves his bed so much that he somehow has gotten attached to the fabric on the bumper pads. He rubs the chenille with his fingers and I find little pieces of it all over the floor under his bed. Now who does that sound like?

Max's favorite word right now is no, which he has started saying loudly and with conviction. It's especially fun when we are in a crowd of people.

Max also loves deer. Mostly dead ones hanging on walls, but he really loves deer. He has a movie with deer in it and it is his favorite movie of all time. It's called Stranger in the Woods and it's not even a cartoon. He also likes to watch Momo at Granny and Papa's house (that's Nemo or Elmo, either one).

Max also loves to dance which kind of looks like the chicken dance (the bock bock bock part). He also loves to do just about anything that his big brother does. He likes to tackle daddy, swing in a big kid swing, not a baby swing, and play baseball. He holds the wrong end of the bat and hits the ball off the tee and runs. Max loves balls of any kind. Even the ones on a sporting goods store sign as he just pointed out today. Even the ones that other kids are playing with, or rather especially those.

Although Max can be high-spirited at times, he is also such a sweet baby. He gives the best kisses, freely to anyone, but there is only one person he hugs. He loves to hug his big brother and does so, often. The other day Briggs cut his finger and it was bleeding and Briggs was crying pretty hard. Max threw both arms around Briggs' waist and hugged him for the longest time. The bond they have developed is one of the best things about having two boys. It just melts my heart every time I see them be affectionate with each other. They love each other so much and play so well together.

Well there you have it. That felt pretty good. Hopefully this won't be my only post. Technology isn't so bad after all.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Swimming 2008

The boys have had a few chances to go back to Dothan this summer and with that, to spend some time in the pool at their "Granny and Papas" house and at the Crossroads. Every once in a while they go to the Y in Birmingham but they get a lot more time in when they're in Dothan. Briggs hasn't had lessons yet but is getting around pretty well with his floaties (sp?) on. And Max surprised me with how much he can get around by himself as well, when he has his little life jacket on he doesn't hardly want anyone touching him. It's like watching a little baby duck furiously kicking their feet under the water :-).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4 Legged Tap

This is going to be one of those pictureless posts, just something to document a phenomenom in our house. Somewhere, I don't know where, Briggs picked up the habit of tapping our drink glasses together at the dinner table. I think he got it from his pre-school, which is in a church by the way, read: we don't hang out at bars so it was kind of funny for him to bring this home with him one day. Anyway, we think it's kind of cute so we always oblige him . Leslie, myself, and Briggs almost always tap our cups together at dinner. Well this weekend Max for the first time initiated the tap and we've now gone from what we call a 3 legged tap to now a 4 legged tap. If you saw us you'd think we were some sort of bar fly family. It was cute to see Max stick his little sippy cup out in the middle of the table and it took us all a few seconds to realize what he was trying to do. SO, if you happen to eat with us or be near us in a restaraunt, please look over our glass tapping fam, it's aparently just one of those things we do now.

We went to see Wall-E this weekend, Briggs has been waiting for it for like 6 months it feels like. It was pretty good, a little on the go green side but no more so than it was preachy about not letting robots take over the world, I enjoyed it. Anywho, Max has really started being able to just repeat random things on the first take and when we got out at the theater we were saying how we were going to go see Wall-E and Max started saying repeatedly Waawww-weee, again, pretty cute coming from a 1 year old. In the theater he did pretty good, he got upset that we didn't condone him eating popcorn off the floor that he had dropped, but after he got over that he kind of settled into sitting on the steps by the aisles and watching the movie from there with his lil bag of popcorn. We bought some books the next day and now Waawww-weee is getting a good bit of attention at the Cude house...