Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Maxwell Riley Cude

I know, I'm long past due to be posting Max's birth, well in my mind I am anyway.

Max started off his life in our family about the same way he has been since that day, "pretty" easy. He was a planned inducement on 9-28-06, and not nearly as dramatic (in our minds) as was Briggs' birthday. We showed up at the hospital around 5 or so that morning and by 1 o'clock that afternoon he was born. He weighed 8 lbs and was 20.5" long. I remember thinking how much faster and more smoothly everything went that morning, it was perfect. Mine and Leslie's first reaction was something along the lines of "wow, we have somehow managed to have TWO blonde haired kids". He was such a cute baby and still is, he never seems to take the same picture twice, I think he got that from me, he has a lot of "personality", I'll say that. I also remember Briggs' reaction and seeing him hold Max for the first time, it was very sweet. We had done a lot of pre-work to try to prepare Briggs for that day and that combined with his good nature made for a great way to start off adding a fourth to our family.

We were obviously much more prepared for him at home than we were with Briggs. But even with that extra experience and preparation, we really didn't need it nearly as much because it wasn't long (a few weeks) before he was sleeping at night and with some pretty long durations as well. Ever since then he's been such a good sleeper. He actually likes to sleep in his bed. When we go off on a trip, it's funny to see his reaction to getting back home and being able to snuggle up in his own bed again.

It was obviously a pretty big adjustment trying to juggle a new addition to the family, but Max has always made it about as easy as I can imagine any child could. He and Briggs still play great together and he wants to do whatever he sees his big brother doing. Besides his easy nature (he has his moments I promise) the other thing I think I have always noticed the most about him, is how natural he was with throwing a ball. That boy loves a ball, any shape, any size and can throw it with accuracy with pretty darn good velocity. Briggs has always been more of a brute that loves to tackle, Max likes to play tackle with me, but could spend even longer playing catch. We are so blessed to have two great sons. That was a great day, and has made for a lot more great days since...

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