Saturday, May 31, 2008


After several failed attempts to catch a fish, a couple of times near Dothan, three times to Oak Mtn and once to Lake Purdy, Briggs was finally able to catch his first fish this past Thursday at our tee-ball party. He helped me reel in one good sized brim and a little bass, I think he was a little stunned but obviously enjoyed it. I'm hoping next year we can get a boat of some sort and start taking advantage of all the water around us. Pics from the obvious fish catching and a couple from the partay...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow Cool Cookies Bubbles and No Shoes

Well, the title of this post says it all. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Kidding, the above titled words are the first that Max is saying repeatedly and with purpose, besides the MaMa and DaDa that he's been saying for some time now. Just in the past few weeks he's been saying "Wow" at almost everything and much to our chagrin, he's been saying "No" even more, we're trying to "correct" that little situation. For some strange reason he's picked up on saying "cookie", I'm guessing it might just have something to do with the chocolate chip cookies that Leslie has been having to hide from him after she bakes them, (man can those two boys knock down a batch of cookies). He was really proud of himself for saying "shoes", he'll run and go get them and clap for himself. "Cool" and "bubbles" came out just this past week. The screen saver on my computer has bubbles and somehow or another he knew the word for them, crazy, no idea where he learned that. And finally, we're guessing "cool" came from big brother, it gets thrown around quit a bit by both of them now, it's "cute" and "cool" ::wink-wink::

AAAAND, this doesn't really fit here since the data is about month old, but I need to log it somewhere that at Max's 18 month checkup he came in the 97th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Not that I put a lot of stock in those percentiles since kids seem to vary so much in growth spurts and what not, but it's pretty obvious that Max is so far growing up to be pretty tall and trim.

Some pics from today, we went to the park in Chelsea after dinner, I was wanting to get some good pics of Max for this post but the little bugger won't stay still long enough, oh well. Briggs has been sporting his Iron Man costume (I need to do a whole post on the various costumes we've gone through) for the past two days. He asked me if he could wear it to the park, and of course I spanked him for asking such a silly question. Wait, no, and of course I let him wear it! Our latest game has been for us to play super heroes, he was obviously Iron Man, I was War Machine (Iron Man's buddy), and Max was Captain America. Iron Man accidentally scared a little girl at the park who was not expecting to see a four foot kid in a mask whilst crawling through the little play tunnel, fortunately she got over it and her mom didn't give us too dirty of a look...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Briggs' Graduation

Briggs had his pre-K "graduation" this past Thursday night. I have to admit that we (I) had some reservations about the program when we first signed him up. Mostly because the church/school was so small. But, even though he's only been there since January of this year, we've been VERY impressed with how much he's grown academically, personally, and with respect to his Bible studies as well.

You always wonder if your kid is going to be one of those that doesn't know the words and just stands there making funny faces during any sort of group singing. Briggs is definitely not that kid, he knew all the words, and motions, and did a great job, he was probably the most enthusiastic one up there. He really loves singing, especially his favorite cartoon theme songs. Spectacular Spider Man, Jimmy Neutron, and 3-2-1 Penguins are his biggest hits. The teacher says he's a great student and that everyone in his class loves him, I think he's friends with nearly everyone he meets. When I got home that day, before we even went to the graduation, Leslie had already been crying. She pulled out some of Briggs' scrapbooks earlier that day and was just emotional about how much he is growing up. And of course she also cried some there, as did all of the moms. When we asked Briggs what his favorite part of the graduation was, he said "the part where I came out and gave Mom the rose" (the ceremony was very mom centered, moms on the front row, etc). It was very sweet. That was Leslie's favorite part too. Mine was when he was on stage in his little cap and holding his certificate, when he found me in the crowd he gave me a little thumbs up and a smile. The lady in the pic with Briggs is his teacher Ms. Marquita (sp?), I've never met anyone with that name, she was a very good teacher and we will honestly miss Briggs going to school there. I hope all the rest are as good as she was.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our First Family Vacation

Well I promised Leslie and Briggs that we would take a vacation this year, a real one, and we finally made it to Disney. This is the first time we've been off to somewhere besides the beach since Briggs was born. In a nutshell, it was fun and exhausting. The highlight of the week was Briggs being selected for Padawan Jedi training. He got to fight Darth Vader and received an "official" Padawan certificate that he has been SO proud of, we're going to get it framed :-). Max did about as well as could be expected, he enjoyed the little rides but on more than one occasion was freaked out by some of the shows, as were we all. It's crazy how many of the shows have a scary part to them. I think his favorite part of the week was the Playhouse Disney show, he seemed to have a great time dancing and catching bubbles. It seems like we spent about a fourth of our time tracking down the various characters, that weren't at our meals, for pictures. That was pretty grueling, but as long as everyone had fun, then it was worth it. Les even rode one of the roller coasters, the Aerosmith one, it was a great ride but too short. At the end of every day it was pretty easy getting the boys (and Rusty and Goddard (Briggs has added an imaginary Robot dog Goddard to our long tradition of Cude dogs...)) to sleep. I think that I need another vacation from this vacation...