Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play Ball!

This Saturday was our second tee ball game of the season. I think we won, but couldn't really say for sure. As is evidenced in the pictures, Briggs is not really "into" playing defense, he likes hitting and running much much more. This past week at practice when we got finished Max came onto the field and we thought he was just going to run around. Instead, he found a ball, put it up on a tee, grabbed a bat, and proceeded to hit the ball off the tee. Granted it only went 6 inches, nearly straight down, and he hit it with the wrong end of the bat, but it was still cool to see how much he had been paying attention and how badly he wants to do whatever big brother is doing. After tee ball this Saturday, we all four went to the short course and played nine holes. Max was pretty worn out by about the fifth hole but even with that, it was a beautiful day.

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